All racks are not ceated equal

    All Racks Are Not Created Equal

    Colby racking
    Colby Racking
    The need for quality racking in Australian warehouses

    The availability of imported “brand-compatible” racking in the Australian marketplace has increased over recent years. There is no shortage of statements from the manufacturers and suppliers claiming adherence to Australian and international standards.

    If sub-standard rack components find their way into a rack structure, there is potential for serious accidents to occur. Should the equipment fail during use, the health and safety of your workers could be at risk, and the potential legal ramifications extremely serious.

    Read this important article and find out:

    • Why companies purchasing imported racking must be mindful of their duty of care
    • How published frame load capacities have been proven to significantly overstate true capacities – in some cases by up to 30%
    • The results of extensive testing comparing local and imported racking
    • How equipment may be considerably under-designed for Australian applications
    • Why generic certificates claiming compliance with standards are worthless
    • The importance of integrating quality in manufacturing, and where to find it

    There are no short cuts to quality racking. Australian warehouses and Australian companies need it.

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