Colby drive in rack supplied by Total racking systems.Colby drive in rack is the best type of rack system for high density pallet storage.Colby drive in rack can be designed to have entry both sides or can be drive through.Colby drive in  rack could be 5 pallets high by 10 deep with each pallet weighing at 1400 KG each or more.Forklifts needed are a standard counterbalance type .Colby drive in rack can be designed for many different pallet applications.We can also supply drive in rack rails that will hold Australian pallets and Euro style pallets.Colby drive in rack has no restriction on size, height or depth.Drive in rack is used as a first in last out basis.Cold storage areas with drive in rack applications are very popular with many of our clients.All Colby drive in rack is designed through a unique program designed by Colby called Rack man.Rack protection for drive in includes steel guide rails on floor for forklift guidance into the rack.Upright rack protection for front uprights at entry point.Colby drive in rack can be used for outdoor applications with all components galvanized. A roof can be added to the drive in structure or can be fully clad.Colby drive in rack is designed and built in Belrose Sydney.Visit the factory to see how it is made or visit when your new drive in rack is being rolled formed  in Belrose. Drive in rack is unique as it has no common parts to selective rack.Unlike other drive in racks there are no cross beams in the middle of the rack to hinder loading and unloading.All bracing for Colby rack are solid non adjustable gal pipe.We design this so installers get the job plumb and you have no issues with pallets falling out of rack.Total racking Systems offer a full consultation service .We will visit site measure area to discuss your needs.

colby drive in rack built to Australian standards

Colby drive in rack supplied by Total racking systems.Australian made

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