Written by Brett Clapham on May 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Hi Brett,

We are Team “The People” and we are participating in Shitbox Rally Spring 2019. This rally will see us driving our Shitbox (cars worth $1000 or less) from Melbourne to Townsville via iconic Birdsville with 550 other participants. Our vehicle is a 91 NC Ford Fairlane 5ltr V8.

Shitbox Rally is not a race, rather a challenge to achieve the unthinkable. Travelling across Australia via some of its most formidable roads and remote communities.

This year the rally aims to raise $2m for Cancer Council, which is used to fund cancer research projects nationally. Since the rally launched in 2009 it has raised over $17 million and is the largest funder for the Cancer Council in Australia.

The first challenge for our team is to raise a minimum of $5,000; therefore we would greatly appreciate it if you could support our team.

How can you help us achieve our goals? There are three ways.

  1. Sponsor our team in return for branding on our car & rally websites
  2. Tax deductible donation (anything over $2)
  3. In Kind donation of Goods or services to help us fundraise

I have attached a sponsorship proposal which explains everything in detail. The document includes instructions on how all three options work and will give you an understanding of what we will be doing on the rally as well as the very positive effect we are having on the community.

If you know anyone who wants to sponsor, its best to get them to contact me and I can set them up as a sponsor and the ShitBox Rally Team will invoice them directly.

Additionally, here is couple of links which I hope it makes it easier to see what it’s all about and how to donate, should donating be the preferred option. As mentioned above, we will be doing the Spring rally 2019 and our team is “The People”

  1. Link to main website – https://www.shitboxrally.com.au/
  2. Link to our donation page – https://2019spring.shitboxrally.com.au/the-people
  3. If people want to follow our journey from social media sites: #thepeopleshitboxrally2019

Any assistance you could give would be most appreciated and will help our team achieve our goal.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Brett Morgan and Jason Foster

Team “The People”

0406 941 468

Jason Foster

State Manager NSW”

Box Rallies Team Sponsorship