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Our Process

  • We offer expert advice
  • 40 years of experience in designing storage solutions.
  • We design with AutoCAD and Rackman Software
  • Models of your storage solution to ensure it works effectively
  • We consider major factors that affect efficiency of any operation
  • Major factors are: Flow, Accessibility, Space and Throughput

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How It Works

Careful planning, design and layout ensures that you can access your products, maximise space and improve Your product organisation and flow.

Site Consultation

  • We come to you and inspect your site
  • We find out all about your products, your business and existing warehouse operations.
  • Potential hazards such as obstructing fire hazards, air vents or high traffic routes are identified, so they can be taken into account when designing the best layout.
  • We measure your storage space, check floor levels, slab design and building height to maximise space and to find out what will fit safely and accurately.
  • We measure the size and weight of products or pallets to know what will fit considering safe load limits and Australian standards.


Design & Quote

  • We will prepare a well designed warehouse layout that improves flow, inventory management and optimisation of space within your storage facility.
  • We use AutoCAD and RACKman to allow you to visualise your warehouse layout, where your equipment will be located and where the racking will be most effective.
  • We will discuss the best layout options for you and consult with your team to ensure it works with your business operations and product workflow.
  • We provide you with a written quote. Our prices are competitive. Our solutions are innovative and creative. Our products of the highest quality and safest in the industry.

Supply, Deliver & Install

  • Our racking specialist will assist you in choosing the right racking system and shelving to give you the best warehouse storage solution for your space and warehouse operations to find and access your products quickly and safely.
  • We supply the best quality racking from local manufacturers exceeding Australian and international standards
  • Delivery times are quick as racking is made locally. There is no waiting time due to international shipping.
  • We organise our installation team and lifting equipment to install the storage solution and make the whole process less stressful and seamless for you.

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