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Long Span Racking System & Shelving – Sydney

Not every item in a warehouse ends up sealed and packaged into a bulk lot that sits on a pallet, racked high above the floor. In many warehouses both large and small, there often exists inventory that just does not perform well in storage on pallets. It may be your inventory consists of products that see a high turnover rate, or it may just be easier and more efficient to use hand-loading in certain storage environments. Whatever the reason you face a need for a racking system meant for boxes and bins instead of pallets, the ideal choice will always be steel longspan shelving.

At Total Racking Systems, we have seen a diverse array of needs in the storage sector, and we’ve also developed many effective solutions by rising to the challenge. Over time, we have streamlined a robust procedure for assisting businesses in outfitting warehouses with the appropriate tools. Backed up by the quality and longevity of Colby brand longspan shelving, Sydney warehouses can place their trust in our products and services. Before you choose to make a purchase, however, you’ll need to select the ideal products. Here is a quick look at how we can help you achieve that goal.

Choosing the ideal longspan racking with professional help

A key reason to choose a long span system is its versatility. Because it’s lightweight, long span systems are easy to move and rearrange as needed. Its adaptable length also means it is well-suited for fitting into smaller storage areas. This is ideal for stockrooms, but also for separate storage areas in a warehouse that handles both large and small bulk freight. Based on the space available to you and the products you handle, we can suggest the appropriate frame height and depth for your longspan racking.

Each rack can stand on its own or join up as part of a more extensive system. If you anticipate the need to expand storage to accommodate a seasonal shift in inventory or an anticipated large order, adding on to your current long span setup is therefore extremely easy. All this comes with the proven Colby track record of durability. Particle board is available for complementing each shelf, and we can additionally source other boards as client demands necessitate.

Delivering reliable solutions for more than two decades

Adding a new long span racking system or modifying an additional installation doesn’t have to be a difficult or time-consuming process. The fast and reliable service offered by the Total Racking Systems team means only a short period elapses between your initial inquiry and the final installation. From offering site visits to match products to your location to additional services such as rack audits and more, warehouse operators can leverage our experience for a wide variety of purposes. Are you in need of a better way to organise your hand-loaded inventory? Call one of our representatives on 1300 301 144 for assistance today.

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