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Colby Storage Solution

Long Span shelving is designed with the Australian Pallet Rack standards in mind.
Long span shelving is a light duty storage system to be used when hand loading is involved.
The shelving system is designed to stand alone.
Long span shelving comes in many different configurations. Its is very multi functional and a purpose designed product that also looks good.
Long span shelving when loaded is a very strong ,sturdy and stable solution for storing all types of items. Long span shelving has been installed in offices, warehouses ,home storage units and many other uses.
Total Racking Systems offer load ratings with all our long span shelving systems.
Total Racking systems can offer the following sizes.
Frame heights are 900 mm ,2100 mm,2400 mm and 3000 mm.
Frame depths are 450 mm,650 mm and 900 mm.
Frames come with base plates and can be fastened to the ground if needed. Frame capacity up to 3000 KG.
Beam lengths are 1200 mm,1500 mm,1800 mm,2100 mm,2400 mm and 2700 mm. Beam Capacity per pair of beams. 1200 long= 670 KG , 1500 long = 540 KG , 1800 long = 450 KG ,2100 long = 390 KG , 2400 long = 340 KG. Each beam level adjusts by 50 mm. All beams or shelf levels on our long span shelving are stepped. Stepped beams give a flush surface from the front of shelving to the rear of the shelving.
The best way to set up long span shelving is to measure the items you are to store.
For example adding document boxes to long span will give you five levels on a 2400 high frame. The team at Total racking systems can help with your storage solution.
Let us know what you need to store and we can give you the best solution.
Shelving for the long span .The most economical is particle board.
We also can supply with steal shelves, mesh or ply.