Louvre Panels

    If you want to free up limited floor space, neatly organise small parts and improve efficiency in your workspace simultaneously, louvre panels are the answer. Total Racking Systems can help you to maximise productivity by installing innovative storage systems at your warehouse, factory or workshop. If you use Tech Bins to store small parts, why not hang them on louvre panels?

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    You can use louvre panels anywhere they are so versatile; you can mount them to add small parts storage almost anywhere. You can attach louvre panels to a wall, fit them in a cabinet, or affix them on a trolley to make your storage mobile. Tech Bin offers louvre panels in various sizes, allowing for horizontal as well as vertical configuration of your storage bins.

    When you use louvre panels to hang your storage bins, you will love how convenient it is to have small parts within reach where you need them. All Tech Bins are designed to fit on louvre panels, and the bin sizes can be varied according to your storage needs. If you want to rearrange the order in which you store small parts, you won’t need to unpack and refill your bins. Simply lift them off the louvres and hang them in a different position. Another advantage of hanging your storage bins on louvre panels is that it’s much easier to see and pick out small parts stored in your Tech Bins. This is especially useful if your louvres are mounted over a workbench or production line.

    If you would like to install louvre panels in your warehouse or workspace, contact Total Racking Systems or call us at 1300 301 144 for a quote.