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    Organise and Utilise Storage Space Efficiently with Plastic Parts Tech Bins

    Does the jumble of small parts in containers and random bins in your warehouse or workshop frustrate you? Wasted space and productivity lost due to lack of organisation can have a negative impact on your business. At Total Racking Systems we provide innovative storage equipment for warehouses, factories, shops and sectors such as the food and medical industry. If your company works with small parts, plastic parts bins are the solution you need for storage and inventory control.

    Take Advantage of Available Storage Space

    Most warehouses and production facilities have a storage area with open metal or wood shelves. Open shelves can accommodate much stock, but if your inventory consists mostly of small parts, it can be a bit more of an issue. Tech Bins are the ideal parts bins to store small items. The parts storage bins can slide on to any open shelf, and if there is enough space, they can be stacked on top of one another. Stacking doesn’t mean that you need to lift the top bin down to reach the one below it either. Tech Bins have a canted open front end, so you can easily do a visual check or access parts anywhere in a stack.

    When you need small parts on-the-go, a steel trolley with casters is the answer. Whether you use your plastic parts bins in an auto repair workshop, production line in a factory, medical lab or another facility, having small parts within easy reach will make the job much more manageable.


    Unique Features that Make Tech Storage Bins

    When looking for plastic parts bins, there are many to choose from; you can order your parts storage bins from Total Racking Systems in a range of different colours and sizes. Colours are useful for differentiating inventory, and custom colours are available on request.

    • Tech Bins are available in six different sizes. Whatever your space requirements, there’s a bin that neatly fills the gap.
    • Our range of tech trays are available with 66 different sizes from L-322mm to L-626mm
    • Removable internal dividers allow you to break each bin up into separate areas.
    • There’s a label slot on the front of the Tech Bin so you can easily label and keep track of stock.
    • Tech Bins are produced from lightweight polypropylene with Talc added for extra strength. Our parts bins are strong and durable enough to use with heavy metal parts such as screws and bolts.
    • White, blue, and clear Tech Bins are available with mesh bottoms for use in sterile environments. The plastic in these Tech Bins is antibacterial, making the bins suitable for use with food and in the medical industry.

    The versatile sizes and shapes of Tech Bins available from Total Racking Systems make them the parts storage bins of choice for any environment. Contact us or call 1300 301 144 today to order parts bins for your warehouse, factory or workshop.


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