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Australian Safety Rack Audits

Is your Warehouse and Storage System OH&S compliant?

Total Racking Systems prides itself on its Australian safety rack audit for warehouses to stay compliant with OH&S regulations and Australian Standard AS 4084/2012.
We assist our customers in the compliance process by ensuring weakened structures are inspected and rectified and that the overall pallet racking systems installed is sustainable in carrying capacity and weight loads.

We will insure that work place safety is protected at all times by conducting regular audit inspections of the premises, followed by accurate audit report

Total Racking inspects all racking using the inspection criteria as stated by the Australian Standards for Steel Storage Racking (AS4084-2012)

We conduct regular inspections to Frames, Beams, floor fixings, Beam Safety Clips, Bollards, Corner Guards, and Mesh Shelving as part of the safety and maintenance process.

We can provide load details for all Colby racks but due to the age and condition of the racking in each warehouse there is always uncertainty about certain issues due to our inspection being of a visual nature only, they are.

  • Possible metal fatigue
  • Past loading practices
  • Possible stress fractures                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Our Australian safety rack audit determines safe racking procedures and safe working loads with existing pallet racking. We cannot determine all safe work practices have been heeded to and rely on the honesty of each customer, these factors help us produce load charts with safety margins that correspond with the type of pallet racking and age.

When was the last time your facility was certified compliant? Over time, compliance regulations are changed, and it may be that your facility needs re-certification, or maintenance, or strengthening.

Call 1300 301 144 and talk to a consultant about how Total Racking can assist your OH&S compliance.

To view safe work NSW pallet racking fact sheet go to:



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