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    Whether you work in the manufacturing industry, an office, or just want to keep your home workshop tidy, a versatile storage solution is essential to remain organised. At Total Racking Systems, we work with customers to find the best storage solution for their needs. Tech Bins are small parts storage containers that you can use in almost any way imaginable, and with the many advantages offered by their design, there isn’t a better way to maximise your storage space and increase productivity.

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    Why Tech Bins are Ideal for Small Parts Storage

    Tech Bins are available in different sizes. Whatever the volume of small parts you handle or the storage space available, there’s a Tech Bin to suit your needs. Movable dividers in each storage bin allow you to break storage space inside the container into sections to store related parts together, further optimising space usage. The bins are available in seven standard colours so that you can colour code your stock and the small parts containers can also be manufactured in custom colours to your requirements. Made of polypropylene with Talc included for extra strength, Tech Bins are lightweight and durable but strong enough to store metal parts and other small heavy items. The bins come with a label slot, so you can easily identify parts in each container.

    Tech Bins can Adapt to Your Storage Space

    On existing wood or metal shelves, small parts storage bins are the ideal way to store items side by side and maximise space utilisation. If there’s enough head-room Tech Bins can even be stacked on top of each other.

    Slots behind each bin allow them to hook on and lift off a louvre panel easily. With a louvre panel mounted on the wall and a few Tech Bins, you can turn unused wall space into small parts storage.

    Do you regularly lift small parts containers from a shelf and carry them to your workspace? Tech Bins can fit on a trolley with casters. If you need to move small parts from a storeroom to your workbench, Tech Bins on a cart bring your small pieces within arm’s reach.

    Industries Where Small Parts Storage Bins are Used

    Many industries seek a solution for their small parts storage needs, and Tech Bins are so versatile that you can use them almost anywhere.

    • Warehouses and storerooms. If you store and distribute small parts, you can keep your stock room organised in Tech Bins. When a worker needs to fulfil an order, it’s easy to reach into a labelled storage bin to pick stock, improving speed and reducing the risk of errors.
    • Medical and food industry. The antibacterial plastic Tech Bins are manufactured from make them safe to store food and medical supplies. Blue, white and clear containers can be ordered with a mesh bottom, allowing for their use in sterile environments.
    • Shops and retail. Everyone who sells small parts, from hardware stores to craft shops can benefit from plastic bins to display their stock. Clear Tech Bins allow for prompt identification of stock as well as monitoring stock levels.

    If you would like to stay organised and utilise your storage space efficiently, contact Total Racking Systems or call us at 1300 301 144 to find out more about small parts storage bins.