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Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever racking systems
Cantilever Racking systems

Cantilever Racking systems

Cantilever racking systems are the best storage solutions for a warehouse or outdoor areas for large long packs.

Total racking Systems lead the way in cantilever solutions.

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Cantilever racking systems is a engineered to allow for long size packs to be stored without any upright verticals to obstruct loading.

  • Cantilever racking systems can be single or double side loading.

Total racking systems supply a high quality system in Light, Medium and heavy duty.

Cantilever racking systems is constructed of Gal base and uprights. Indoor use will have safety orange powder coated arms. Outdoor use will be supplied with hot dipped gal arms.

Cantilever racking systems is fastened to the ground only. Properly designed Cantilever racking does not require anymore fasting points.

Cantilever rack  is the perfect storage system to hold long lengths of steel sections , roofing products, wood, building materials , long furniture pieces ,carpet rolls anything long that conventional selective rack will not store.

Cantilever Rack is engineered and supplied to our clients needs. We will need to know pack load lengths and weights to build the most user friendly system for your business. Load arm lengths are 600, 900, 1200 and 1500.

Total racking systems Cantilever racking systems load arms have a surface load area of what is offered in the length of the arm.

Bracing sizes between uprights are 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800.

Uprights sections start at 2415 mm and go to 7200 mm high  as a stock component. Higher uprights can be manufactured and  supplied .

Bases for uprights start at 600,900,1200 and 1500. UDL per arm from 250 KG to 1000 Kg.

Stopper pins can be supplied to fit at the end of arms and bases.

Cable roll brackets can be fitted to arms. Pallet support bars can be fitted to arms.

We supply all types of business from the small one man business up to multinationals and government departments. Our clients are always happy when they have purchased a Total Racking Systems Cantilever Racking.

Lead time is usually less than a week. Call total racking systems on 1300 301 144 We can supply all of Australia .

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