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    Drive-in pallet racking Highest Density Storage with Minimum Space

    Colby drive in pallet racking bveing loaded from the front
    Colby Drive-in pallet racking

    Colby Drive-in pallet racking is the most popular form of high density storage for pallet storage. Drive-in racking operates on the principle of first in last out. Therefore storing large quantities of the same product and requiring excellent pallet protection the Drive-in systems is the perfect storage option.

    This Drive-in system is ideal for bulk cold storage where low stock rotation is required and space is a minimal.

    Colby Drive-in is designed by leading Australian engineers and is a stand alone systems unlike competitors who offer pallet racking converted to a drive-in system. Frames, Uprights, brackets, and connectors are made from high-quality, high-tensile steel so the system uses larger and stronger components, and without compromising on load capacity or safety means you will pay less.

    This systems is configured for individual needs and with standardised components means installation is quick and simple.

    Colby drive-in racking is the only systems that can offer the storage of Australian and non standard pallets in the same configuration. This is achieved using specialised pallet runners which are structurally tested and guaranteed.

    The Colby drive-in system is configured to suit each individuals needs as required, we at Total Racking use a software tool provided by Colby’s top engineers to configure the right drive-in system for you. Using this software tool we can guarantee the load capacity and strength of each system. This gives each company the piece of mind that they are protecting their staff and their products.
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    Colby Drive-in pallet racking being loaded by a forklift
    Colby Drive-in pallet racking