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Colby Rack Protection

Colby rack protection reduce damage and ongoing costs to your warehouse

Colby rack protection is required to deflect any impact by forklifts to uprights and frames
Colby Protector-a-rack protectors

Colby rack protection is designed to minimise pallet racking damage, therefore saving on additional repair expenses and operational downtime.

Colby have developed a patented protection system which reduces damage to uprights and frames by deflecting forklift impact forces away from uprights and virtually eliminating damage.

Total Racking sell a range of protection such as Protector-a-Rack upright protectors including low beam protectors, rack end protectors, corner protectors and front and rear base plate protectors.

Our rack protectors are designed to fit all types of racking, and outperform the traditional steel and plastic protectors, both in damage reduction and lowering cost. Simple installation and streamline design for the upright protectors allow highly productive forklift movements and material handling.

Are you concerned about the damage in your warehouse? Call 1300 301 144 and talk to a consultant about the ways Colby Rack Protection will benefit your business

Rack end protection fixed to the floor with dynabolts
Rack end protector
one frame with front protection and a rear baase protector
Frame protection
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