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A forklift loading a our relocations transport vehicle to a new destination

Total Racking Systems Relocations Transport

Warehouse Pallet Racking Relocations for Sydney and Newcastle

Warehouse relocations are a time when you need proven expertise. Our aim is to move your warehouse with minimum disruption, and in the shortest possible time, this takes proper planning. There are three steps in any warehouse relocation. First – planning the storage design in your new facilities, second the dismantling of your existing system and third reinstalling your existing pallet racking and storage equipment in your new facilities. Generally relocations are required for the need of an increase in storage capacity so additional and different racking may be required. Similarly, different layouts or more productive racking may be built into the re-location like Automation, Drive-in racking, Cantilever racking, Push back racking or Carton live storage.

Total Racking Systems is a responsible, trusted performer in these synchronised moves. We provide a trained, competent crew of experienced work men to safely dismantle the current storage system and re-install with teams in both locations to reduce the disruption.

Total Racking Systems have a specialist relocation team who are incredibly experienced in installations and relocations.

Their planning and skill can reduce the required time for any relocations, and help you to move your warehouse with minimum cost.

Why not make contact with our relocation consultants, and share your ideas. We can give you invaluable advice on the best way to handle your move.
Call 1300 301 144 and talk to a consultant about how Total Racking Systems can help move your warehouse.

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