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Tech Tray Range

Parts trays and tech bins. These are ideal for storage of small parts, screws, products for pick and pack..

Parts trays come in Yellow, Red, Blue and Grey.

The parts trays can stack on top of each. They can also be clipped into louvre panels.

There is a place on front of containers for labelling or barcoding.

The trays are made in Sydney Australia from industrial grade Polypropopylene with 20% talc for extra strength.

lead time are fast for orders as product made in Australia.

Suitable storage solutions for warehousing , mechanical, electrical contractors, home handymen .

APTB 5 tech bin Dimensions 118mm X 100mm X 60mm 12 PER BOX.

APTB 10 Tech bin dimensions 177mm X 100mm X 85mm 6 PER BOX.

APTB 20 Tech bin dimensions 230mm X 134mm X 125mm. 6 PER BOX.

APTB 30 Tech bin dimensions 280mm X 204mm X 164mm.

APTB 40Tech bin dimensions 280mm X 410mm X 164mm. 5 PER BOX.

ATPB 60 .Tech bin dimensions 458mm X 414mm X 215mm.

Be organized with parts trays to store all screws, parts, stock orders in separate trays..

The tech bins are strong because they are manufactured with industrial strength Polypropylene with 20% Talc.

tech bins are versatile with different sizes to customize your setup.

Australian made products reliable strong and dependable.

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