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    Total Racking Systems sells Tech Trays and Tech Bins for all your small parts storage needs. With six different sizes to choose from, there is no limit to the small parts you can store in a Tech Tray, but they are most commonly used in industry for materials handling, automotive parts, inventory control in warehousing, medical equipment, and in electronics and mechanical repair shops.

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    Tech Tray and Tech Bins for Your Convenience

    Tech Tray is a versatile and reliable storage container. Each Tech Tray is produced from polypropylene with Talc added for strength. Small parts can be heavy; Tech Trays are lightweight but durable so that you never need to worry that they won’t be able to withstand tough use. All sides on a Tech Tray are of equal height so that small parts don’t fall out if the tray tilts. If you want to store different parts in the same Tech Tray, you can easily slip a plastic divider into the slots to break up the space into smaller compartments.

    Tech tray makes organising small parts easy. Each Tech Tray has a label slot in front so that you can quickly identify and keep track of stock. Available in six different colours, you could also use Tech Trays for colour coding various types of small parts in your warehouse or production facility.

    Tech Trays are designed to stack on each other, taking up little space but still enabling you to have assorted small parts close at hand at your workstation.

    If you need a small parts storage solution, contact Total Racking Systems or call us at 1300 301 144 to find out how we can assist you.