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Warehouse Pallet Racking And Storage Solutions

Drive-in racking is one of your options when you’re looking for warehouse storage solutions. This type of racking involves positioning pallets so they can slide backwards on a rail, allowing you to store them more deeply and create more space in the warehouse. The forklift enters the racking from one side to load or unload pallets. There are a couple of types of drive-in racking:

  • Single-entry racks, which have forklift access on only one side
  • Double-entry racks, which allow forklift access on both sides of the structure; a large beam holds in place a row of racks in the centre of the structure

Drive-in racking is ideal for products that require cold storage and fragile products that you cannot store in block stacks. It’s also a good option for large quantities of similar products in limited space.

Pros and Cons of Drive-In Racking

Cold or freezer storage can be costly, and many businesses choose drive-in racking to store as much product as possible in as small a space as possible to minimise costs. Drive-in racking also creates more efficient use of warehouse space when you have many pallets of similar products, as opposed to selective racking, which is designed with numerous aisles to allow forklift access. With drive-in racking, it’s important that the system be strong and reliable, as these systems are more likely to experience misuse. Also, the “first in, last out” aspect may be a problem for some types of products.

Warehouse Racking Solutions at Total Racking Systems

The Colby drive-in racking and storage solutions we offer at Total Racking Systems are the most popular type of high-density pallet storage. This design is ideal for storing large amounts of similar product including bulk cold storage that doesn’t require frequent stock rotation. Warehouse areas with limited space also benefit from this efficient racking system.

Colby drive-in pallet storage solutions are designed to be stand-alone systems with all components made from the highest-quality steel. You can configure this pallet racking system for the unique needs of different warehouses, and installation is fast and simple. Our drive-in racking system is the only option that offers the ability to use Australian and non-standard pallets within the same configuration. We achieve this by using special pallet runners, which are structurally tested and guaranteed to be safe and secure.

At Total Racking Systems, we work with our customers to provide the custom storage solutions they need and the peace of mind of knowing that they are choosing safe solutions for their products and their people. We offer free site visits and fast installation along with our reliable, durable products. We use only the best design and testing procedures to ensure safety and a positive customer experience. Our products meet or exceed Australian standard AS4084-2012. We can also provide a structural design certificate free of charge with your order. Contact our trusted team today to learn more about our warehouse storage solutions or book an obligation-free quote.

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