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Second Hand Pallet Racking for sale

20 May, 2021
Explore the benefits and considerations of investing in second-hand pallet racking for your warehouse. Total Racking Systems offers quality assured, corrosion-free second-hand racks from reputable brands, ensuring compliance with Australian standards. Learn how this cost-effective solution can meet your storage needs without compromising on safety or efficiency." For further details on selecting and implementing second-hand pallet racking, including tips on layout design and installation services, read the full article

Second hand pallet rack for sale. Total Racking systems buy,sell and trade second hand rack.We do the common brands that meet the Australian standards such as Colby,Dexion, Apc and other brands.

Our second hand pallet rack may come from a client who is moving and wants new rack in the new premises.We set them up and trade in old rack.

The second hand pallet rack we supply will be all the same brand with no corrosion . Second buyers should be aware that some dealers will offer rack in any condition. Once corrosion has started in steel it is hard to contain.

Total racking Systems can offer a full delivery service with installation.

When designing the layout for a warehouse things that need to be considered. What type of forklift will i need or what will fit in my budget.

Forklifts can operate in aisles as small as 2100 mm although most common forklifts operate in 3600 mm aisles.

What type of rack will best suit my business. Selective rack is the most common type of rack. Selective rack can be adjusted easily and reconfigured as most parts are the same.Selective rack can be used back to back ,single aisle,double deep and push back rack.

Cantilever rack is suitable for large long materials for example large packs of timber. There are no upright post to restrict loading and unloading.

Drive in rack is the most efficient way to store bulk goods. The forklift enters the rack and the rack can be as deep as a client wants. Drive in rack is built to a clients needs. Second hand pallet rack in Drive in can be adjusted and engineered to suit the new business.

If you are not sure what type of second hand pallet rack will be suit your business contact Total racking for some ideas. We can visit sites and discuss the best layouts for your business.

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