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Selective Pallet Racking

  • Cost Effective and Flexible Pallet Storage System
  • Provides easy access to all of the pallets in your warehouse
  • Ideal solution if space is limited
  • First in First Out (FIFO) racking system
  • Easily adjusted or relocated or added to if you have space
  • Designed to handle virtually any pallet size or weight


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Selective racking provides direct access to all pallets with a standard forklift so that each pallet can be located and retrieved without moving any other pallet. This gives you 100% accessibility.

This system adapts to any type of product, both by weight and by volume.
Total Racking systems will provide and install the best system to suit the weight and dimensions of your goods.

Selective racking is adjustable, relocatable and easy to expand as your requirements change. It is the most common pallet storage racking.

Selective Racking Layout

Selective Racking is only one pallet deep; with a maximum of two racks being able to be placed back to back. When selective racking is placed 2 deep it is called Double Deep Racking. Racking can be up to 12 metres in height, utilising the vertical building space available.

Pallet Depth

Standard Australian pallet size is 1165mm x 1165mm x 150mm.  The standard depth for pallet racking is 840mm, which is sufficient to store Australian pallet sizes.

International pallets vary in size. We can supply other racking sizes. Contact us to discuss.

key features and benefits

easy to install

Adjustable to handle virtually any pallet size or weight and easy beam adjustment to accommodate variable pallet heights.

100% Accessibility

Immediate access to any pallet, at any time to the full height of the warehouse, maximizing valuable vertical warehouse space.

Large range of products

Access a large range of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). Perfect if you have many different products.


Easy to dismantle and relocate

Lowest price

Cheapest type of racking per square metre.

range of applications

Suitable for a wide range of applications

tailored solution

Available in a variety of different beam & upright dimensions to tailor to your storage requirements

suits all forklift types

Suitable for all types of forklifts. Lowering pallet handing costs as no specialised equipment is required.


able to create shelves

Particle board and mesh decks are available to create shelf levels in the racks.

conveyor integration

Use with Gravity Roller Conveyor and Carton Live storage (CLS) system to condense the pick face & improve picking performance & stock rotation.

outdoor Use

Can be used for outdoor applications with Hot dipped Gal beams as a optional extra.


rack protection available

Optional rack end protection and front and rear upright protection to minimise damage

use of selective pallet racking

Selective pallet racking is ideal for businesses such as retailers and wholesalers, who typically have a wide range of SKUs with minimal stock.

One of the most important factors when deciding whether or not selective racking is right for you is the number of SKUs (stock-keeping units) in comparison to the number of actual pallets of the product being stored.

The greater the number of SKUs, the more important the role of selectivity and accessibility will be. The lower the number of SKUs in relation to the number of pallets being stored, the less important selectivity is.

When to use selective pallet racking

  • Low turnover volume and high differentiation product lines
  • Have stock that is perishable or short shelf life, FIFO allows these products to be turned over efficiently
  • Building has lots of vertical height you want to take advantage of for storage space
  • Warehouses and other storage facilities with restrictive space
  • Business has many pick faces. Multiple forklifts can be in aisles at the same time
  • Fast moving operations

When not to use selective racking

  • Require large amount of warehouse space to store high volume of pallets with the same stock
  • Volumes are medium level and above, Selective racking is not the most cost effective storage solution
  • When storage height exceeds 12 metres
  • High volume storage that is greater than 3000 pallets
  • Storage space is limited, we recommend a higher density system that utilises the aisle space

Each warehouse storage facility has its own unique set of challenges and goals, therefore we recommend consulting a warehouse layout and design specialist for a professional opinion to assist you in achieving the optimum storage solution for you.

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Here is a list of our frequently asked questions about pallet racking.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Selective Pallet Racking

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What is Selective Pallet Racking

Selective Pallet Racking is the most economical and popular type of industrial pallet racking available. It is very cost effective and allows easy direct access to every single pallet in storage via any type of forklift, up to 12 metres in height.

Large amounts of different stock keeping units (SKUs) can be stored, with low volumes of each SKU, as all pallets can be directly accessed. 

Offers first in, first out (FIFO) racking type which ensures good stock rotation, important for goods that have use by date as it is uses the oldest stock up first.

It is the ideal storage system where flexibility, access and speed of operation are your main objectives and because it is modular it can be custom designed and adjusted to incorporate all sorts of pallet sizes, weight parameters, product sizes and materials handling equipment.  

It can be adjusted, relocated or added to as your storage needs change, ensuring it is always optimised for your stock and warehousing requirements.


How much does selective racking cost?

The cost for selective pallet racking depends on various factors.  It is the lowest cost per square metre of all racking. For the most accurate pallet racking price please contact us for a quote.

What are the Beam Dimensions?

Standard beams sizes:

1370mm, 1520mm, 2590mm, 2740mm , 3050mm and 3810mm.

Custom beams:

Made to order at a reasonable price with a short lead time.

Standard Beam Depths:

Box Beam – Our standards versatile beam: 110mm

Open Beam – For light duty applications: 55mm / 75mm

Heavy Duty Beam – Helps resist frontal impact damage: 110mm

Standard Beam Material:

1.5mm thick high tensile steel. Designed and Manufactured in Australia

Heavy Duty Beam Material:

2.0mm thick high tensile steel, Designed and Manufactured in Australia

What are the Frame Dimensions?

Frame heights:

2475mm, 3075mm, 3675mm, 4275mm, 4875mm, 5475mm, 6075mm, 7575mm, up to 12,000mm

Frame widths:

400mm, 600mm, 760mm, 840mm, 1070mm, 1170mm, 1220mm, 1370mm

What are the Upright Dimensions?

Width: 90mm    Steel thickness 1.5mm /1.9mm / 2.4mm
Width: 110mm  Steel thickness 1.9mm / 2.4mm / 3.0mm
Width: 125mm  Steel thickness 1.9mm / 2.4mm / 3.0mm
Width: 150mm  Steel thickness 1.9mm / 2.4mm / 3.0mm

Does pallet racking need to be certified?

Pallet Racking system also known as steel storage systems installed in a workplace require regular inspection with compulsory annual audit and certification

Shelf Decking Options?

Mesh Desks or Particle Boards

The mesh and particle board decking solutions provide greater performance and flexibility

Does racking come with guarantees or warranties?
Colby Pallet racking comes with a 12 months warranty after installation and a lifetime guarantee with regular checks performed yearly by a qualified person.
Does racking meet AS4084-2012 Australian Standards?

Colby Pallet rack meets and exceeds the Australian standards AS 4084-2012.

Can Pallet racking be used outdoors
Pallet racking can be used for outdoor applications when made from a gal-bond material or have been hot dipped galvanized.
Colby Rack Upright Frames are made from a gal-bond material suited for the outdoors and the base plates used are Hot dipped Gal base-plates.
Usually uprights will be thicker steel than normal and cross bracing for any wind load and as such we use hot-dipped gal beams.
Do I need rack protection (column guards)

It’s highly recommended to have rack protection to protect your uprights, especially if you have a lot of forklift traffic around your warehouse. Racking protection could save you thousands worth of potential damage in the long run.

Rack Protection Options:

Protect-a-Rack Upright Protector
Rack End Protector
Rear Upright Protector

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