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Rolled Edge steel shelving (RET)

  • Lowest cost storage for slow moving goods, parts and files
  • Space efficient and economical for light duty application
  • Manufactured from high quality steel
  • Designed for strength, safety and ease of installation
  • Modular in design, easily adjusted and extended
  • Double returns mean no sharp edges
  • Wide range of bay sizes and accessories


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Steel shelving is the lowest cost and most frequently used storage solution for slow moving goods, bin storage, parts and archive files.

Organising inventory is the top priority for every business therefore our range of heavy duty steel shelving products and experience will help you get your valuable goods off the floor and organised in good order.

We stock Colby’s steel shelving units which are manufactured from quality steel. It is modular in design, making it easy to install or relocate and adaptable for any size goods. The shelving system can be extended in length. Steel shelving units come is a variety of sizes which is functional for any purpose required. Shelf capacity is up 115kg UDL (uniform distributed load) per shelf.

Space and cost is minimised by use of addon bays and back to back bays because the sides and/or the back panels are shared between 2 or more add on bays.

Steel shelving is also known as Static Shelving, RET shelving, RUT shelving, boltless shelving, open bay metal shelving and rivet shelving.

Comprehensive range of accessories:

Shelf dividers, drawers, boxes and kick plates.

Features of the Colby steel shelving include:

Rolled posts for strength, smooth edges for safety, 25mm hole increments for easy shelf positioning, strong shelf clips but most of all our shelf capacity of 115kg will provide adequate strength for any light duty products.

Shelving units are made up of solid backs and solid uprights shelving. Wire mesh backs can be used where there is inadequate lighting.

Steel shelving can be configured either in single sided or double sided configuration.

Available in Various sizes:

Shelving heights up to 2375mm with standard uprights at 2175mm.

Upright depths at 300mm, 400mm and 600mm

Shelf width are 900mm and 1200mm x 300mm, 400mm and 600mm deep.

It’s the most adjustable shelving type, capable of adjusting in 25mm increments.

key features and benefits

Modular in Design

Industrial steel shelving can be extended in length and easily adjusted or relocated

Easily Partitioned

Using shelf dividers where multiple SKUs are located on one shelf. Ideal for small parts storage using parts trays.


No Sharp edges

Rounded face of the upright posts and shelves, with double returns ensuring no sharp edges.

easy to install

Easy to install, dismantle and relocate.

Lowest Cost Shelving

Steel shelving is the lowest cost and economical storage system


Colby heavy duty shelving meets all Relevant Safety and Operational Standards

Heavy duty uprights

Heavy duty uprights for overall stability.  Standard uprights are 2175mm and shelving heights up to 2375mm

Shelving Configurations

RET shelving comes in a variety bay sizes and can be configured to suit your needs.  This includes height, width, length, and number of shelves. 


Adjustable Shelves

Holes are punched at 25mm centres, enabling fine adjusment of shelves to adapt to size of goods stored.

use of RET Steel Shelving

With Colby steel shelving products you get strong, purpose-designed shelving, combined with intelligent picking solutions that can give your customer service a real boost. RET Shelving is an heavy duty steel shelving unit made up from solid backs and solid uprights. It is commonly used for general storage, in the office or warehouse and anywhere that requires strong reliable heavy duty shelving.

This system is easily adjustable, comes in various sizes and is available in white and silver grey colors.
A compreshensive range of accessories are available including shelf dividers, drawers, boxes and kickplates for a clean safe operation.

When to use Rolled Edge Steel Shelving

  • Small parts storage system
  • Stock pick inventory
  • Office shelving
  • Archive file storage
  • Need to get goods off the floor and organised
  • Mobile storage system due to its lightweight structure
  • Garage shelving
  • Workshop shelving

When not to use Rolled Edge Steel Shelving

  • Palletised Goods
  • Load exceeds 115kg

Each warehouse storage facility has its own unique set of challenges and goals, therefore we recommend consulting a warehouse layout and design specialist for a professional opinion to assist you in achieving the optimum storage solution for you.
With Colby heavy duty shelving products you get strong, purpose-designed shelving, combined with intelligent picking solutions that can give your customer service a real boost.

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Frequently Asked Questions - RET Rolled Edge Steel Shelving

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What is RET Steel Shelving?
Rolled Edge Type (RET) Steel Shelving is a space effective and economical storage solution for light duty general purpose applications. Manufactured from high quality colour bond steel, RET shelving is designed for strength, safety, versatility and ease of installation.
How much does industrial steel shelving cost?
The cost for industrial heavy duty shelving depends on the dimensions, how many bays you require and the shelving material. We have competitive pricing and heavy duty steel shelving in stock ready to be delivered or picked up. For the most accurate industrial steel shelving price please contact us for a quote.
What are the Shelving Heights?

Shelving heights up to 2375mm with standard uprights at 2175mm

What are the Shelf width?

Shelf width are 900mm and 1200mm x 300mm, 400mm and 600mm deep

What are the Upright Depths?

Upright depths at 300mm, 400mm and 600mm

What are the Shelf Material Options?

Steel shelving comes with 18mm particle board. However Wire mesh shelving decks are also available.

The mesh and particle board decking solutions provide greater performance and flexibility

Does steel shelving come with guarantees or warranties?

Colby steel shelving comes with a 12 months warranty after installation and a lifetime guarantee with regular checks performed yearly by a qualified person.

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