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Colby Storage Solution

Carton live storage
Flow thru racking

  • High density picking by having multiple SKUs across one shelf
  • Gravity-fed order picking system for fast flowing pick lines
  • Increases picking productivity and efficiency
  • Provides rapid replenishment and automatic stock rotation
  • Can be be fitted to conventional pallet racking
  • Helps you save space and time


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Carton Live Storage is a gravity fed storage and picking system that increase stock picking speeds up to 200%.

Carton live storage racks consist of several flow levels that are mounted to the frames with a slight incline.  They are replenished at the rear side and move on plastic rollers to the opposite side where they can be picked as and when needed. When a carton is removed, the one immediately behind it gently rolls into position ensuring automatic stock rotation and that stock is always available for picking.

This simple yet practical storage system offers high-density picking by presenting multiple product lines across one shelf width. It is ideal for warehouses with large picking volumes as goods are immediately accessible, and pickers do not need to cover large distances to complete an order.

The system has been designed for goods stored in plastic bins or in cartons as well as loose items. Carton live storage systems can deliver both  full and split carton picking.

How it Carton Live Storage works

Carton live is made up of shelves that have beds of small plastic castor wheels built into them. They are set at a slight incline to allow products to slide down a channel to employees in the picking aisles.

Subsequent cartons are loaded on behind, and flow towards the front of the rack, resulting in a FIFO (First In First Out) stock rotation set-up.

What storage system can CLS be used with:

A carton live shelving system can be used in a variety of storage setups, including shortspan steel shelving, longspan shelving and pallet racking systems.

A successful and well-designed carton live shelving system can greatly reduce a warehouse operative’s travel distance, further increasing productivity.

key features and benefits

Achieving high pick rates

Picking goods from carton live storage racks is 5 x times faster than from conventional static shelving.

Reduce idle times

Goods are replenished automatically with the ones behind reduces the risk of idle times. 

Quick product retrieval

Quickly supply goods and parts on production line that allows instant product identification and retrieval in FIFO order.

Suits cartons or tote bins

Carton Live Storage suits picking from cartons or tote bins


Easy to adapt your shelving to a wide range of products and to quickly readjust shelving configuration to new requirements.

wide range of products

Suitable for use as supply racks for manufactuing processes and as storage and picking racks, for a wide range of products.

compact storage

The system makes full use of your existing storage space due to the high density nature of the system setup

Increased efficiency

The time taken to pick and prepare orders is significantly reduced due to the product rolling down to the employee.


flexible and ergonomic

Automatic stock replenishment due to the setup of the roller bed feature, moving cartons to pick face.

Use lights to assist picking

Pick to light and put to light systems may be fitted to the front of CLS for high volume order picking. They allow for fast collection without a list.

Organised Storage

Allows for the storage of a higher number of stock keeping units (SKUs) at the front of the racking


rack protection available

Optional rack end protection and front and rear upright protection to minimise damage

use of Carton Live Storage

Carton live storage is an efficient solution for storing and picking products. Carton live storage racks have been designed to reduce storage space requirements and allow a clear product presentation, thus increasing picking efficiency.

Carton live storage racks are suitable for use as supply racks for manufacturing processes and as storage and picking racks. They can be used in a variety of situations and enable compact, clearly organised storage of goods. Reduced travel distances increase system efficiency; working times are reduced while picking performance is increased, and investment costs often pay off within a year. The advanced ergonomic design makes picking significantly easier on eamployees’ backs.

When to use carton live storage

  • Stock that needs to be hand picked and loaded
  • Assembly, packing and despatch
  • Fast moving operations
  • Shorter picking times as travel time reduced
  • Easy to view product presentation of
    all SKUs at the picking face
  • Direct access to all product lines
  • Storage of small products
  • High volume picking with many items to pick and pack.
  • Require better picking ergonomics

When not to use carton live storage

  • Palletised goods
  • Last in first out system required

Each warehouse storage facility has its own unique set of challenges and goals, therefore we recommend consulting a warehouse layout and design specialist for a professional opinion to assist you in achieving the optimum storage solution for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions - carton live storage

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What is carton live storage?

Carton Live storage is a live storage system for fast flowing pick lines, that works with gravity and rollers. The Carton Live Storage (CLS) system stores cartons on inclined roller tracks, with stock rolling forward to the front for easier picking. Rather than loading these racks from the front like all the other systems that have been mentioned, you load these from the rear. This is an ideal application for FIFO (First In, First Out) automatic stock rotation.


How much does carton live storage cost?

The cost for carton live storage can be paid back within a year through: 

  • Reduced labour costs
  • Increase in pick rates
  • Reduction in required floor area
  • Greater potential for 100% stock rotation
  • Better consolidation of SKUs

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