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Pallet Racking Inspection and safety audit Sydney

  • Keeping your Work Place Safe
  • Ensure compliance to OH&S standards & AS4084-2023
  • Check Racking Weight loads & Load Signage
  • We use inspection criteria stated by the Australian standards
  • A report is provided outlining rack damage and action required
  • Compliance Certificate is issued if audit passed

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Is your Warehouse Storage System OH&S Compliant?

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Total Racking Systems prides itself on its Australian safety rack audit for warehouses to stay compliant with OH&S regulations and Australian Standard for Steel Racking AS4084.1-2023 and AS4084.2-2023.

We assist our customers in the compliance process by ensuring weakened structures are inspected and repaired and that the overall pallet racking systems installed is sustainable in carrying capacity and weight loads.

We will ensure that work place safety is protected at all times by conducting regular warehouse racking inspections of the premises. All rack damage and action required to resolve any safety issues or non compliance are detailed in a Pallet racking Inspection Audit report.

Steps of Racking Inspection audit & Certification

  1. A visual site examination and assessment of damage, certification, and compliance with the Australian Standards, conducted by a trained and experienced inspector.
  2. After a warehouse racking safety examination, a compliance report will be compiled. The report will include a breakdown list of the risk assessment and any damage assessed while conducting the audit.
  3. The audit inspector will provide recommendations and corrective actions for you to action.
  4. The next step is carry out of corrective actions to remedy damages listed within the report.

Racking Repairs & Ongoing Compliance A4084-2012

Damaged warehouse racking components need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to eliminate potential accidents, and to keep your warehouse running efficiently.

All pallet racking should be inspected and audited every 12 months. Our authorised Safety Audit Inspection & Compliance team will provide regular and comprehensive audits to ensure you comply with current Australian Pallet Racking standards (AS4084-2023, formally AS4084-2012) and OH&S requirements.

Pallet Racking Certification

Why is Pallet Racking Certification Important?

  • You are ultimately responsible to maintain a safe and certified storage system
  • You must have load signs in your workplace to enforce safe working practices
  • You must have documentation of any workplace injury, damage, or any other incidents to avoid heavy penalties including workers compensation
  • Annual racking certification is required by law to continue operating pallet racking systems
  • Steel storage systems installed in a workplace require independent inspections to ensure safety and compliance

Audit Report & Record Management

Every business with a pallet racking system must receive inspection and certification to ensure workplace safety and compliance. An annual audit and certification of your pallet racking system must include a compliance and certifiable condition report to make sure your pallet racking system meets the Australian standard for steel storage racking AS 4084-2023.

You also need to make sure that the correct documents and load signs are in place as a result of your pallet racking certification. Retention of inspection and maintenance records is crucial and an asset in the event that you are called upon to substantiate your operational procedures. 

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Over time, compliance regulations change, and it may be that your facility needs re-certification, or maintenance, or strengthening.

Or talk to our racking experts how we can assist with your OH&S Compliance and AS4084-2023 Certification.

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Key Reasons for a Racking Inspection & Compliance Audit?

The main reason for a pallet racking inspection is to:

  • assess the structural integrity of your pallet racking
  • make sure that your racking is safe to use
  • ensure racking won’t cause injury to any staff due to failure

What is a pallet racking auditor looking for:

    1. Any damage to the racking;
      Frames, Beams, Floor fixings, Beam Safety clips, Safe Work Load Signage (SWL), Bollards, Corner Guards, Rust, Mesh Shelving, Racks that are not level
    2. Different types of racking mixed together
    3. Assess the structural integrity of the racks
    4. Load sign details and compliance to safe working loads
    5. Ensure correct application and use of the racking
    6. Out of plumb racking – twisting or leaning posts
    7. Missing, loose or dislodged components
    8. Corrosion caused by environment or products being stored
    9. Inspection criteria as stated by the Australian Standards for Steel Storage Racking (AS4084-2023, formally AS4084-2012)

Racking Load Weights

We can provide load details for all Colby racking but due to the age and condition of the racking in each warehouse there is always uncertainty about certain issues due to our inspection being of a visual nature only, they are.

  • Possible metal fatigue
  • Past loading practices
  • Possible stress fractures

Our Australian safety racking inspection & audit determines safe racking procedures and safe working loads with existing pallet racking. Unfortunately we cannot determine all safe work practices have been heeded to. We rely on the honesty of each customer, these factors help us produce load charts with safety margins that correspond with the type of pallet racking and its age.

If you have any of the above concerns or questions, book in a Safety Audit & racking Inspection so we can ensure your warehouse steel storage racking is OH&S compliant and is safe for your staff and your products.

Racking Services We Provide

Total Racking Systems help with every step of the warehouse storage solution process from warehouse design and layout, supply, delivery, installation, rack protection, safety inspections and repairs.

Selective Pallet Racking | Colby Pallet Racking

Warehouse Storage Solution layout & Design

We remove the clutter and organise your warehouse space to get the most from it. We design safe, organised and affordable commercial shelving solutions.

Selective single pallet racking warehouse storage

Pallet Racking Supply, Install & Delivery

Our professional installers ensure the safe and quick assembly of your racking and shelving.
Our delivery lead times are low as our racking is manufactured locally.

About Total Racking System Colby Distributor Sydney and Newcastle

After care & Storage Racking certification

Audits must be conducted each year for damage, overload and integrity. We offer repair services, protection and certification services to ensure racking safety and compliance.


Do you have any other Questions?
We are here to help you choose the best racking for your business.
Here is a list of our frequently asked questions about pallet racking.
Please get in touch if you have any other questions.

How often should pallet racking be inspected?
To put it plainly, a professional pallet racking inspection must be carried out every 12 months and the results of this audit including any damage and required repairs must be documented.
Are racking inspections a legal requirement?

Racking audits and inspections are mandatory to ensure your racking is safe and in good working condition. We recommend having these conducted every 12 months. Book an audit with one of our professional racking auditors today. Contact Us

What are the Australian Standards for pallet racking?

The Australian Standard for steel storage racking is covered under Australian Industry Standard AS4084.1:2023 (design) and AS4084.2-2023 (safe operation, inspection & maintenance), previously AS4084-2012. It covers the minimum requirements for hot-rolled or cold-form steel structural members, installed within a building, outside a building, as well as racking that forms part of the frame of the building.

Under these standards you are required to carry out a pallet racking safety audit every 12 months to ensure that the racking you have is deemed safe and suitable for use. If you do not comply with this then you may void your warranty or worse, have a catastrophic incident or collapse.

It’s a annual safety requirement that will help protect you from work place injury or stock loss.

How much weight can your racking take?

We  supply weight loading signs for all of the pallet racking that we install so you can easily identify how much weight can be loaded on the racking.

What do the Australian Standard AS4084-2023 state?

Section 9.2 – Inspections from the Australian Standard AS4084-2023 – Steel Storage, covers all static racking with the exception of Drive-in, Cantilever and Mobile Racking.

“Inspections shall be carried out on a regular basis, and at least once every 12 months to:

  • ensure the correct application and use of the equipment;
  • ensure that safe working loads are adhered to;
  • ensure that the racking installation has not been altered. A copy of the load application and configuration drawings shall be retained for this purpose
  • examine the extent of damage due to impact in the racking installation;
  • examine the out of plumb of the racking;
  • examine for any dislocation and deformation of sections and connections for uprights and beams; and
  • examine connectors for deformation or signs of cracking at the welds.”
Where can I find Pallet Racking Fact Sheet

You can view the pallet racking guide on the NSW Safework website:

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