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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Best Type Of Racking?
Colby selective pallet racking is the most common type of pallet racking used and is extremely versatile racking system that can help customers across the board with their racking needs.
Do You Have Any Guarantees Or Warranties?

Colby Pallet racking comes with a 12 months warranty after installation and a lifetime guarantee with regular checks performed yearly by a qualified person.

What Type Of Racking Should Be Used Outside?

Colby Rack Upright Frames are made from a gal-bond material suited for the outdoors and the base plates used are Hot dipped Gal base-plates.

Usually uprights will be thicker steel than normal and cross bracing for any wind load and as such we use hot-dipped gal beams.

How Does the Quoting Process Work?

As Colby rack is made and manufactured in Belrose, Sydney our lead times are better than that of an imported racking.

Once you contact us, we will discuss a plan on when goods will be delivered to the site and organise all of the installation crews and lifting equipment to make the whole process the less stressful for our clients.

We have many returning customers due to the stress-free environment we create through our ordering and installation process.

How Do You Work With Clients To Create The Best Layout For A Warehouse?

We like to work with our clients to create the best possible warehouse. As such we like to visit the site and laser measure internals of the building as well as checking check floor levels and slab design.

We will then discuss with you the type of products you are looking to store. We will talk the type of Fork truck you will be using or advise on what could work.

Our site visits and our rack layouts are free of charge and are a good way to see what may fit into your warehouse.

We are proud to be and Australian made and engineered product that’s meets and exceeds the As4084-2012 Rack standards.

Does racking meet AS4084-2012 Australian Standards?

Colby Pallet rack meets and exceeds the Australian standards AS 4084-2012.

Do I need rack protection (column guards)

It’s highly recommended to have rack protection to protect your uprights, especially if you have a lot of forklift traffic around your warehouse. Racking protection could save you thousands worth of potential damage in the long run.

Rack Protection Options:

Protect-a-Rack Upright Protector
Rack End Protector
Rear Upright Protector

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