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  • Move with minimal disruptions in the shortest possible time
  • First, we plan the new storage design in the new facility
  • Then we dismantle the existing storage system and
  • Re-Install the existing pallet racking and storage equipment
  • We source additional racking if required
  • We offer Buy Back Service if new racking is preferred


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Storage system supply, delivery & install

No matter where you are located in Australia, Total Racking Systems can supply, deliver and install your new or used warehouse equipment, from pallet racking and industrial shelving to mezzanine floors and conveyor systems.
We support you throughout the entire process, including design, supply and installation.

Supply Warehouse storage

We approach the dismantling of your material handling equipment in a precise and orderly fashion. Our advanced planning goes beyond the simple teardown of storage equipment.

That means we break down your pallet racking, conveyors, industrial shelving, mezzanine floors and more, all the while being careful to identify each part, pack it to prevent damage and indicate where in your new warehouse it will be delivered.

racking and shelving delivery

At Total Racking Systems, we can help you relocate your warehouse across Sydney, NSW or to the other side of Australia. We will transport your equipment to your new location using our trucks, depending upon the size or location of your warehouse relocation projects. Larger warehouse relocations or relocations outside of NSW are contracted out to a trusted freight transport company.

Your warehouse pallet racking, conveyor systems, mezzanine floors and all other components of your warehouse operation are carefully loaded and delivered to their new location within timeframe agreed.

warehouse storage Installation

A dedicated and experienced project manager will ensure everything runs smoothly and on time during the installation process .

All products will be installed efficiently as to minimise any disruption to your everyday business operations and will be installed in a manner to meet all Industry Standards and OH&S.

Pallet Racking Installation

Installing pallet racking involves a lot of adjustment, settings and checks before bolting and securing to the ground. 

  • Proper levelling
  • Squaring
  • Vertical Check
  • Line Check 

Even the slightest degree of variance from the ground would make a pallet rack or a cantilever unstable.

There are standards for proper use of bolts, depths and space between the racking rows which needs to be adhered to as per the work safety regulations. 

Our professional pallet racking installers have 40 years of industry experience in safely and quickly assembling, installing, dismantling and repairing all types of pallet racking and industrial shelving.

Issues with Pallet Racking poorly installed:

  • Can cause serious safety problems
  • Reduces the life of the components like frames and beams
  • May not be capable of taking the rated loads
  • Cannot take the same beam length at the top and bottom
  • May not comply to work safety regulations
  • Non compliance with Australian Standards



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Here is a list of our frequently asked questions about pallet racking.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Moving Pallet Racking

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How do I move my warehouse pallet racking?

There are three steps in any warehouse relocation.

  1. Planning the storage design in your new facility
  2. Dismantling of your existing system
  3. Reinstalling your existing pallet racking and storage equipment in your new facility

Total Racking Systems has a specialist relocation team who are incredibly experienced in installations and relocations. Their planning and expertise can reduce the required time for any warehouse relocation, and can help you move your warehouse with minimum cost.

What is the best racking system for warehouse?

Selective pallet racking is the most popular and versatile pallet racking system in the industry. It provides efficient use of space and immediate access to every load stored using any type of forklift. Each pallet can be located and retrieved without moving any other pallet. This gives you 100% accessibility.

There are other types of pallet racking which are:

  • Double Deep Pallet Racking allows you to store pallets two rows deep. Because of this design, you can minimise the footprint taken up by aisles with four racking rows able to be placed back to back.
  • Push Back Racking is a high-density solution which is ideal for storing multiple pallets of the same product
  • Pallet Flow Racking is the ultimate high-density storage system. It is designed to work in a long flow system with rolling tracks where you load stock from the rear and remove stock from the front giving you First In First Out access which is great for perishable/seasonal items.
  • Drive-In Racking is high-density pallet racking system that’s designed to go many pallets deep.  Instead of cross beams, this configuration uses side arms so that forklifts can drive into the system and pick or place pallets on any level. This system is excellent for warehouses that store high volumes of the same product and reduces the footprint taken up by aisles in between racking frames.
  • Cantilever Racking is designed for the horizontal storage of long items such as timber, pipes and aluminium extrusions.

We provide free warehouse racking layout designs and quotes to help our clients improve warehouse efficiency and maximise the storage capacity of their warehouse. Book in a free Site Consultation Today.

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