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Cantilever Racking

  • When you need to store long or heavy items
  • Open clear span at front entry point. No uprights.
  • Consists of a base with arms that protrude out and support loads
  • Can be used outdoors when galvanised
  • Easily adjusted or relocated or added to if you have space
  • Can be used for single and double-sided units


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Cantilever Racking Solutions

Free standing units to store long length material safely & effectively

Cantilever Pallet Racking is adaptable, flexible and strong, capable of supporting a range of long, awkward, oversize and heavy materials of virtually any length.

Ideal for storing steel pipes, timber, plastic tubing and more. Racking arms support the load and can be set at different angles, depending on the desired requirements.

Cantilever shelving system is fully adjustable and modular, allowing maximum flexibility in configuring the rack to suit your requirements. Installed correctly and in the right position, cantilever racking can increase available vertical space, improve access (compared to stock on floor), handling time and overall warehouse productivity.

Unlike any other racking system, cantilever racks have no vertical obstructions for the length of items.

Cantilever Rack Components:

Bases anchor the cantilever rack system to the floor and also connect to the unit’s upright acting as the main stabilising component.

Upright Columns connect to the base and have holes in which the cantilever arms are connected to create the storage levels. Uprights can be used for both single and double-sided units.

Cantilever Arms connect to the upright column and are used to support the item.

Braces are used to stabilise the upright columns offering horizontal and diagonal support.

Decking is an option available for certain applications offering a solid shelf level to the cantilever storage arms.

key features and benefits

easy to install

Adjustable to handle virtually any pallet size or weight and easy beam adjustment to accommodate variable pallet heights.

Store Awkward items

Secure storage of long awkward items, such as packs of timber, pipes, long span products and goods that cannot be palletised

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

Heavy duty cantilever racking for maximum support, strength and capacity.

up to 10 metres high

Cantilever racks are available up to 10 metres high. No vertical obstructions.

Easy to Access goods

Open fronted design provides easy access and stock management

Designed in australia

Designed and manufactured in Australia


Designed and manufactured in Australia with high strength tensile steel


Items can be stored on pallets, loose, wrapped and can be irregular in shape

outdoor Use

Can be used for outdoor applications with Hot dipped Gal beams as a optional extra.

use of cantilever racking

Cantilever racking can be arranged in either single sided racking or double sided racking, either back to back forming aisles or placed against a wall.

When it comes to storage for long loads it often comes down to only two options: floor stacking or cantilever racking.
With floor stacking capital investment is lower but efficiency and actual storage capacity is also very low. A cantilever system makes stock more accessible thus reducing handling times and improving productivity.

Additional arms can be added allowing for storage of all shapes and sizes.

When to use Cantilever racking

  • Storing long span items
  • Storing bulky items
  • Storing awkward shaped items
  • Storing heavy goods
  • Improve productivity and access by getting goods off the floor space

When not to use Cantilever racking

  • Storing pallets as it is inefficient compare to pallet racking

Each warehouse storage facility has its own unique set of challenges and goals, therefore we recommend consulting a warehouse layout and design specialist for a professional opinion to assist you in achieving the best warehouse storage solution for you.

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Here is a list of our frequently asked questions about pallet racking.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Cantilever Racking
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What is Cantilever Racking
Cantilever racking systems is a engineered to allow for long size packs to be stored without any upright verticals to obstruct loading.
Cantilever racking is a specialist commercial storage system designed to accommodate products that are long and heavy.
A cantilever racking bay consists of two uprights with horizontal arms attached by bolts at various levels.
Long and/or awkward material is easily stored and handled. Ideal for storing pipe, tubing, lumber, furniture and other long, heavy items.
It is completely open fronted to provide easy access to stock, increase productivity and improve management of stock.
How much does cantilever racking cost?
The cost for cantilever racking depends on various factors.
Cantilever racking requires considerable investment in capital and planning but can dramatically improve warehouse productivity and handling times while increasing storage capacity dramatically.
For the most accurate cantilever racking price please contact us for a quote.
What is cantilever pallet racking used for?
Cantilever pallet racking is used for storage of very long items and/or bulky heavy items such as:

    • building material
    • roofing products
    • steel sections
    • long furniture pieces
    • carpet rolls
    • timber
    • pipes
    • tubes
    • plasterboard
    • beams
What are the Load Arm Lengths?
Load arm lengths are 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

Cantilever racking systems load arms have a surface load area of what is offered in the length of the arm.

What are the Upright Dimensions?
Cantilever uprights sections start at 2415 mm and go to 7200 mm high as a stock component. Higher uprights can be manufactured and supplied on request.

Cantilever bases for uprights start at 600mm, 900mm,1200mm and 1500mm. UDL per arm from 250 KG to 1000 Kg.

Stopper pins can be supplied to fit at the end of arms and bases.

Cable roll brackets can be fitted to arms. Pallet support bars can be fitted to arms.

What are bracing sizes between uprights?
Bracing sizes between uprights are 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.
Does cantilever racking need to be certified?
Cantilever racking system also known as steel storage systems installed in a workplace require regular inspection with compulsory annual audit and certification
Does racking come with guarantees or warranties?
Colby Pallet racking comes with a 12 months warranty after installation and a lifetime guarantee with regular checks performed yearly by a qualified person.
Does racking meet AS4084-2012 Australian Standards?
Colby Pallet rack meets and exceeds the Australian standards AS 4084-2012.
Can cantilever racking be used outdoors
Cantilever racking systems is constructed of Gal base and uprights. Indoor use will have safety orange powder coated arms. Outdoor use will be supplied with hot dipped gal arms.
What protection on arms is there?
Cable roll brackets can be fitted to arms. Pallet support bars can be fitted to arms.

Stopper pins can be supplied to fit at the end of arms and bases.


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