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Here is a list of our frequently asked questions about pallet racking.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Warehouse Racking Quotes

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How is Warehouse racking calculated

If you need to know how to calculate the load capacity of your pallet racking or upright frame, you need to first consider the estimated maximum load weight for each beam level. Then you multiply it by the number of levels in the racking section. The result is the required pallet rack upright capacity.

We can help you work out the maximum load weights and we can arrange a site consultation to discuss your storage racking requirements and measure, design and quote. 


What is included in Warehouse Site Consultation

Total Racking Systems provide a face-to-face onsite assessment with an experienced warehouse storage expert to provide you with your storage solution options and what you can obtain with your storage space. 

Here is what you can expect:

    • We listen to understand your specific needs, including  your current challenges and goals (we’ll ask some guiding questions to help)
    • We take time to understand your business and product supply chain 
    • Site inspection including floor, roof and building infrastructure and access
    • Determine options for storage layout and material handling equipment
    • Advise you on the different storage methods and options that meet your specific requirements
    • Advising and designing storage solutions and manual handling systems 
    • Measure and collect site information
    • Propose Solutions that meet your needs and make your business function more productively
    • Walkthrough of proposed solution and get your feedback
    • Follow-up with a fixed cost estimate & installation options
    • Answer any questions you have about Total Racking Systems and our proposed solution
    • Together we’ll determine next steps, to maximise your warehouse to deliver efficiency, cost cutting and warehouse output.

Book your free site consultation today.

How much does a storage racking cost?
Single-deep pallet racks, which are the most traditional selective pallet racking estimated at $50 to $80 per pallet position. Provides easy access to all of the pallets in your warehouse. Ideal solution if space is limited. Easily adjusted or relocated or added to if your storage space requirements change.

Double-deep pallet racks usually sell for $80 to $200 per pallet position. They add a second row of pallets behind the first. First in Last Out (FILO) racking system. They’re ideal if you need extra density but as they make access to some pallets more difficult, they are more suitable when you have multiple pallets of the same SKU or product.

Gravity-flow racks are the most expensive, running $200 to $400 per pallet position. However conveyors can lower production costs and speed up packaging and delivery time. They mobilise and transform inventory around the warehouse.

Warehouse racking costs all depends on the quantity, length and depth of the individual beams, taking into consideration load capacity. It is best to contact us to discuss your warehouse storage racking requirements and get a warehouse racking quote.

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