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Colby Storage Solution

Increase Storage space with

custom Warehouse racking and shelving

Firstly we understand your business & products, warehouse flow and available storage space. We discuss any current issues so that we can design an optimal warehouse storage solution specifically for your needs that will:


  • improve warehouse productivity and flow,
  • remove clutter and chaos and improve stock organisation
  • improve warehouse safety to avoid accidents and meet OH&S standards
  • provide for growth and change
  • reduce long term costs
  • and help avoid missing any sales





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High tensile steel supplied by bluescope australia
High tensile steel supplied by bluescope australia
High tensile steel supplied by bluescope australia
High tensile steel supplied by bluescope australia
High tensile steel supplied by bluescope australia
High tensile steel supplied by bluescope australia

Our Colby Racking & Shelving Product Range

Warehouse Storage Solutions that maximise efficiency and productivity or your commercial warehouse facilities

Racking and Industrial Shelving for every Need

Solutions to suit Small, Medium to Large Storage Facilities

warehouse storage solutions pallet racking and industrial shelving

Total Racking Systems is the distributor for Colby Pallet Racking and Warehouse Storage Solutions in Sydney and Newcastle. Our racking and shelving is designed and manufactured in Australia using high tensile steel which ensures your warehouse storage solution is of the highest quality, built to last and exceeds safety standards.

Our job is to help you understand your different storage solutions, then choose a storage system that best suits your available space, your load sizes, handling equipment and warehouse operation and flow.

We are able to supply, deliver and install pallet racking and heavy duty shelving to ensure that your warehouse storage system is safe and properly functioning.
Our aftercare service takes care of regular racking safety inspections and maintenance to ensure continued workplace safety and OH&S compliance.

our Full Warehouse Storage Services


Design & Layout

Well planned warehouse solutions are key to maximising efficiency. We offer AutoCad and RACKman designs.


We offer yearly audits, maintenance and certification because we care about your safety.


ColbyRACK has been designed to be flexible and is easy to relocate. Talk to us about our relocation services.


We sell second hand pallet racking by Colby, Dexion and other brands. We also offer buy back system.

install / Reconfigure

We install, relocate or reconfigure racking to suit your changing business needs.

warehouse automation

Transform your product handling issues with our conveyor systems, transporting goods efficiently.

Quality Warehouse Racking

Exceeds Australian standards AS4084-2012 Steel Storage Racking.

40+ years of experience

We have been in this business for over 40 years and have the expertise to deal with any size project and improve warehouse functionality and efficiency.

Authorised Colby Distributor

We are the authorised Colby Storage Solution distributor for Sydney and Newcastle. We have a 40+ year long partnership with Colby Storage Solutions.

Australian high tensile steel

Designed and manufactured in Australia from high strength steel by Bluescope.

Adjustable to suit your products

Designed for your individual needs. It is configurable to suit your storage requirements, your warehouse parameters and your material handling equipment.

Excellent advice - End to end solution

We offer excellent advice on design, storage system layout and installation. We manage complete installation right down to the safety check.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We take pride in providing reliable delivery, installation, and back-up services. We assist you in sourcing virtually everything you need for your industrial storage facility – from pallet racking and shelving solutions, to order picking solutions such as packing benches,  parts bins and flow thru racking and gravity roller conveyors.

Our experienced team are here to help, providing valuable advice on warehouse design, layout, equipment and warehouse safety.

We offer a structural design analysis report prior to installation to guarantee the load capacity and strength of your ColbyRACK system, thus protecting your staff and your products, and offering you total peace of mind.

What you will get with Total Racking Systems:

  • Most advanced storage systems suitable for any size enterprise
  • Full range of warehouse racking shelving systems available today
  • High-quality, durable storage equipment
  • Industry-leading design and installation expertise
  • Modern up to date compliance procedures to ensure long term safety of storage design installed.
  • Certification software to ensure your safety, integrity, and compliance
  • Reliable delivery, installation, and back-up services.

Free On site Consultation

including Free Design, Advice, Measure & Quote

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