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Rack Protection

With Colby Protect-A-Rack

  • Reduce Pallet Racking Damage
  • Save on Additional Repair Expenses & Operational Downtime
  • Deflect Forklift Impact Forces away from Racking Uprights
  • Quick to Install and Cost Effective
  • Designed to fit most brands of Pallet Racking
  • Manufactured from Heavy Duty Steel


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Pallet Racking Protection

Reduce Damage, Improve Safety & Lower Damage Costs

Racking protection is a smart choice for every warehouse with any form of pallet storage, from single entry through to automated facilities.

Colby’s range of rack protection dramatically reduces damage caused by impacts, ensuring safety and reducing ongoing maintenance costs. Simple installation and streamline design for the upright protectors allow highly productive forklift movements and material handling.

Made from heavy duty steel they outperform the traditional steel and plastic protectors, both in damage reduction and lowering cost.

The Colby Protect-a-Rack range includes end-of-aisle guards and front and rear upright protectors, and can be fitted to almost any brand of pallet racking.


pallet racking frame protection colby protect a rack

Racking Frame Protection

Colby’s Protect-a-Rack comes in a range of configurations to fit normal selective racking, racking with low beams, and Carton Live Storage.

  • Manufactured from heavy duty steel
  • Versatile design fits any type of racking
  • Simple, fast and cost-effective installation
  • Streamlined design maximising clear bay entry
  • Certified and patented design
  • Can be installed on any type of racking – not just ColbyRACK
pallet racking frame protection colby protect a rack

Protect-A-Rack Upright frame Protector

Our Protect-a-Racks are manufactured from heavy-duty steel and are anchored and bolted to both the floor and face of the upright for positive fixing.

This is easy to install, and its unique design helps in protecting the rack from any accidental damage. 

Designed to fit just about every type of rack upright, the Colby Protect-a-Rack upright protector outperforms traditional steel and plastic rack protection systems through its unique, innovative design and ease of installation.

Tapered surfaces deflect impacts from forklifts, and even simplify bay entry. Impact forces are transferred into the racking brace nodes, rather than into the upright.

Protect-a-Racks are bolted to the upright, eliminating the need for masonry anchors. It wraps around the upright, providing protection from front, side, and rear impacts


pallet racking frame protection colby protect a rack

Protect-A-Rack Rear Upright Protector

The rear upright protector delivers extra rack protection for a part of your rack that would be costly and inconvenient to repair, and where – crucially – damage is difficult to detect.

Colby’s rear upright protection was developed following reports from customers that they were still experiencing damage to rear uprights due to forklift drivers pushing a pallet too far into the ground level storage bay, causing it to strike the rear upright.

This rear upright protector helps elimated damage to the rear of the pallet racking.

pallet racking frame protection colby protect a rack

Rack End Protectors

Pallet Racking End Protectors help prevent damage to racking and inventory by forklifts.

No matter how good your forklift drivers are, there will always be sometime when an accident or mistake happens and they crash into the pallet racking. You can avoid major injuries and pallet rack damage by installing these protection guards.

Damage not only causes serious safety issues but disassembling, repair, reassembling and reloading of pallet racks increases your running costs.

Corner guard pallet racking protection protect-a-rack image

Corner Protectors

A racking corner guard protector is a manufactured heavy steel plate designed to protect the corners of racking installations, which are very vulnerable to damage due to the impact of the material handling equipment.

Our steel corner protectors are anchored on the corners to protect the racking system from any accidental damage.

low beam pallet rack protector

Low Beam Protectors

Our low beam protectors are designed to fit most rack uprights and protects against when the first beam level is very low.

key features and benefits

deflects impact of forklift

These profiled, heavy-duty steel guards deflect forklift impact forces away from the upright, virtually eliminating damage.

Improve Safety

By installing rack protection you can lessen the damage impact and even risk of damage occuring.

cut damage costs

It’s not just the cost of repair, also included are those most annoying and costly interruptions to operations.

rack protection product range

Include end-of-aisle guards, Colby’s Protect-a-Rack Upright Protector, and new Rear Upright Protector.

heavy duty steel

Built from high strength steel and will resist almost any impact

Versatile design

Versatile design fits any type of racking. Fits all popular racking brands.

Easy to Install

Simple, fast and cost-effective installation

Different Configurations

A range of configurations to fit normal selective racking, racking with low beams, and Carton Live Storage.


Outperforms other protectors

Outperform the traditional steel and plastic protectors, both in damage reduction and lowering cost. 

patented protection system

Colby’s Protect-A-Rack is Certified and patented design

outdoor Use

Can be used for outdoor applications with Hot dipped Gal beams as a optional extra.


Prevent Damage

Rack systems are not engineered to withstand strong forces caused by forklift impacts. That’s why installing racking protectors is one of the best ways to minimize damage.

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Services We Provide

Total Racking Systems help with every step of the process from design and layout, supply, delivery, installation, rack protection, safety inspections and repairs.

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We remove the clutter and organise your warehouse space to get the most from it. We design safe, organised and affordable commercial shelving solutions.

Supply, Install & Delivery

Our professional installers ensure the safe and quick assembly of your racking and shelving.
Our delivery lead times are low as our racking is manufactured locally.

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Audits must be conducted each year for damage, overload and integrity. We offer repair services, protection and certification services to ensure racking safety and compliance.

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