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Storage and Warehouse Design with Colby Storage Solutions

Warehousing is a science-based business. Over the years, a great deal of research has been conducted to determine ways to improve materials handling, while at the same time improving safety and reducing damage to the materials.

Our consultative team can provide a number of design configurations, based on the available floorspace, and each option will have different benefits in terms of capacity, cost and efficiency. Our consultants can combine different types of racking, for different materials, and make accurate predictions of how much material can be stored.

Total Racking has been working with Colby products for 16 years, and our consultants are highly trained not just in Colby products, but in the logistics and practise of storage and handling. Depending on your needs, a design could include a floorplan and drawings of racking and shelving systems, storage designs, incorporating frame bracing, mesh decks, guide rails and cantilever racks.

Once a design has been completed, it can be modified to accommodate other factors, such as changes in pallet weight, material shape and safety issues. We can tweak the design to produce enhanced logistics, and then agree on an approved layout plan.

Why not make contact with our consultants, and share your ideas. We don’t just sell the system – we take a “concept to completion” attitude where your challenge is handled professionally and with engineering expertise.
Call (02) 9982 7288 and talk to a consultant about how Colby Storage Solutions can benefit your business.

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