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Colby Storage Solution

With this project we were looking to set up outdoor pallet racking for our client, so we knew that Colby Pallet Racking was the way to go. Colby Rack is manufactured in Belrose Sydney and are constructed with pre hot dipped gal upright frames. All beams and baseplates are manufactured in Belrose with black steel and then sent to Padstow for Galvanising. This galvanising means that the beams and baseplates are able to withstand the elements much better than traditional pallet racking.

In this case our client required a UDL per pair of beams at 3200KG. As part of this job we levelled the concrete slab with galvanised packing plates and secured with a combination of m12 x 100 to 140 hot dipped galvanised true bolts.

The pallet rack beams in photo are our UU type 200% stronger against forklift impact.

All frames were constructed with a RF 2.4 gauge upright and braced for strength and wind deflection. To prevent parts falling from pallets while loading in the rack we fitted Delta Monkey Mesh manufacture by Delta shelving in Milperra, Sydney; this allowed us to effectively load the rack without any risk.

Galvanised Pallet rack will cost more than traditional pallet rack but for outside use Galvanised is the only way to go as it is not effected by the elements unlike traditional pallet racks.

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