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Second Hand Pallet Racking Sydney

Second Hand Pallet Racking Sydney

pallet racking Sydney second hand racking shelving good quality

Second hand pallet racking good quality

Second hand pallet racking is a much cheaper alternative for racking out a warehouse.Total Racking Systems buy and sell quality second hand pallet racking in Sydney constantly with many of our pallets coming from trade in. We always have a great selection in stock at all times. We have many clients that outgrow their warehouse and need to expand and they will quite often purchase new pallet racking for their new warehouse and trade in their old racking. We can help you to rack whole warehouses with second hand pallet racking and shelving and we also have second long span shelving in stock. The second hand pallet racks we supply will be all the same brand with no corrosion.


Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Most common size beam lengths for pallet rack are 1370/1372/1520,2590/2591/2740/2743/3050/3050 and 3810
  • Upright frames can be from 1500 mm to 9000 mm
  • Total Racking Systems can provide delivery and installation services
  • We often have a selection of second boards and shelf supports
  • We have spare parts for repairs to your pallet racking
  • Load rating can be done with load signs added to the rack with Racks that meet the Australian Standards
  • Second buyers should be aware that some dealers will offer rack in any condition, once corrosion has started in steel it is hard to contain


What Brand Do You Need?

At Total Racking Systems we stock a range of second hand pallet racking and shelving from a range of brands. Additionally, you should always check what brand your current shelving is, if you are unsure contact us and we will help you determine the brand of racking you are currently using.

Dexion Second Hand Racking

We can provide you with a range of Dexion pallet racking and shelving to meet your needs. Dexion racking has been operating for decades and is known for its quality and long-lasting nature. Dexion racks are robust, reliable solutions that you can use for many purposes; whether you need the shelving for cold or frozen storage or products that are much less temperature-sensitive, you’ll find that Dexion racks are flexible enough to suit any storage need. Dexion warehouse shelving started as a nifty solution to store paper and had to be simple to assemble and dismount and they have kept this in-mind as their company has grown, creating easy to use shelving and racking.

Colby Second Hand Racking

With more than 40 years of experience in providing reliable and cost effective storage solutions, our 2nd hand Colby pallet racking stands the test of time. Colby Storage Solutions are suited to Australian best practice warehouse and logistics management. Specifically designed to stand up to the harsh Australian environment, Colby shelving, even second hand, will provide you with your storage solution. We provide a range of Colby solutions including long span shelvingdrive-in pallet racking, pallet racking, rack protection, and roller and gravity systems.

APC Second Hand Racking

APC Pallet Racking components are all manufactured using quality and high-strength materials and are all Australian-made. APC not only offers pallet racking but also industrial racking and warehouse shelving systems and we tend to have a range of products second hand. Our friendly staff will help you to find the 2nd hand racking that will be the best fit for your warehouse or project.

Other Brands

At Total Racking Systems our second hand pallet racking comes from all over Sydney, often from clients who are moving and require new racks for their new premises. If you are looking for a particular brand, give us a call on 1300 301 144 and we will see if we can help.


What You Can Expect from Total Racking Systems

One of the benefits of dealing with Total Racking Systems is that our products often outlive your needs. As your business changes, and you alter your storage requirements, you can update by “trading in” your existing pallet racking in Sydney and the price will be reduced from the price of your new pallets.

This means Total Racking Systems can sell quality second hand racking, at a reduced cost. But there’s nothing “second hand” about our service – we will perform the same gold-standard consultative service, and install the racking for you, ensuring that its performance is exactly what you want.


Contact us or call us on 1300 301 144 and talk to a consultant about the ways pre-loved racking will benefit your business

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