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Carton Live Storage

Carton Live storage is a live storage system for fast flowing pick lines.

Carton Live storage

Carton Live Storage

Carton Live Storage is a system which has many benefits over conventional static shelving.

Carton live storage can be be fitted to conventional pallet racking.

Live storage has many benefits over static shelving and conventional pallet racking.

Carton live storage can be a stand alone item.

Best applications for  live storage is in a warehouse that has a high volume picking with many items to pick and pack.

Carton live  is the best way to replenish cartons.

Carton live  is a gravity fed carton storage and picking system.

The principle of Carton Live storage is known as first first out.

Stock can be loaded into roller tracks with guide rails from one side and picked from the other.

When a empty carton is used a new one slides into place.

Carton flow can give you a reduction in expensive floor space.

Carton live  can increase pick rates.

Carton live reduces picking time.

Potential for 100% stock rotation.

CLS has a better consolidation of SKU’s.

Separate picking and replenishment areas.

Products need to have a rigid base to freely roll on rollers.

Picking can be by full and split stock items all in the same pallet racking bay.

Carton live can reduce labour costs and or order pickers.

Many levels can be added for a large selection of products.

Carton live  can be as small as 840 deep with the most popular at 2130 mm deep.

Guide rails can be and should be added for correct directional flow.

Roller rails can be two per channel or more for heavier products.

Carton live can be retro fitted to other brands of pallet racking.

Custom built to your requirements.


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