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Narrow Aisle Selective Racking

Narrow aisle pallet racking system being loaded by a turret truck

Narrow aisle pallet racking


Narrow aisle pallet racking is selective racking with very narrow aisles that are accessed by a specially designed forklift called a turret truck or VNA ( very narrow aisle trucks ) and narrow aisle stock pickers. This system provides a increase in productivity with the ability to store more product in less space. Saving on building and production costs, narrow aisle racking is mainly used in high volume and busy traffic areas.

Narrow aisle pallet racking, efficient leap forward in product storage capacity

Where there is a reduced aisle space, there is a greater emphasis on engineering to provide a continuously safe working environment. Warehouses with narrow aisle racking installed require the racking to be made with the highest possible steel tolerances due to the large loads the system is designed to hold.

This is achieved by manufacturing the Colby brand of racking to meet all Australian standards AS4084-2012

This system using the controlled forklifts provides a safe and damage free environment and with easy access of pick locations provides very good stock rotation throughout the warehouse.

This style of Colby’s racking being completely selective means access to every pallet position and here at Total Racking our objective is to maximise the storage in your warehouse and efficiently configure any system to suit your requirement and loads

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Distrubution warehouse with multiple narrow aisles ready for storage

Narrow aisle Colby pallet racking

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