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Raised Storage Area

Benefits of building a raised storage area in your warehouse:



Raised storage area

Raised storage areas can be built from Pallet racking components


Raised storage area is a free standing structure and only attached to the concrete slab floor that it is built on.

Double the size of your floor space of your warehouse without having to move.

Versatile designs available with a fast lead time.

Pallet Racking can continue from ground level through floor level.

Second level can be a clear area for larger products.

Shelving can be extra deep for larger items.

Beams can be left out under floor for larger items.

Picking shelves can be spaced narrow to high depending on the product you carry.

Shelving materials can be timber or steel.

Aisles can be built to the width you require.

Pigeon holes can be added for long lengths of timber,pipe,carpet rolls,printing rolls,etc.

Pallet access can be added to access first and second floors.

Pallet gates can be added for ease of loading pallets onto the raised storage area.

Pallet trucks can be used on floors with the correct ply wood and top hat used.

Forklift access on ground floor under floor level can be provided.

Access stairs can be single access or as many more as needed can be added.

Conveyors or slide chutes can be added for faster dispatch.

One of the fastest and least expensive ways to double your storage is to add a new Raised Storage Area.

Standard Colby racking components can be used to create a free-standing storage area for a host of materials.

Benefit of Pallet Racking floor is that when you move premises the floor can be dismantled and used as floor or pallet racking.

Total racking systems offer a obligation free site visit and consultation.

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