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How to order pallet racking in Australia: a step by step guide

6 Nov, 2023
Step into the world of pallet racking with our detailed guide on ordering in Australia. From identifying your needs to choosing a reliable supplier, we simplify the process for a seamless experience. Enhance your warehouse efficiency with the perfect racking solution tailored to your space and storage requirements.

Ordering pallet racking is an important decision that requires careful consideration. This guide will walk you through the process of ordering pallet racking in Australia, from determining your specific needs to finding a reliable supplier. Plus, if you are in NSW, we offer a free site consultation to provide personalised solutions for your storage requirements.

1. Decide what type of pallet racking system you need:

The first step is to determine the type of pallet racking system that best suits your requirements. for your particular needs. Consider factors such as the weight capacity, frequency of use, and the size of your warehouse or storage facility. Different types of racking systems, including selective, pushback, and drive-in racking, cater to various storage needs.

2. Assess the space you want to fit out:

Measure the available space in your warehouse or storage facility where the pallet racking will be installed. Consider both the height and depth of the area. This information will help you determine the dimensions of the racking system that will fit and optimise your storage space.

The Total Racking team know pallet racking – if you have a basic layout or drawing of the area you want to fit out with pallet racking, we are more than happy to come up with a suitable layout that will maximise your available space.

Otherwise, make sure you know the measurements of the areas you wish to install pallet racking on, so we can recommend a suitable fit.

Height and depth

The height of your pallet rack is going to be determined in some cases by the internal roof height of your warehouse.

The maximum reach height of your forklift or reach truck will also determine how high you can go with your pallet racking.

For depth, the two most popular standard racking depths are 840mm and 1200mm. Choose the depth to suit your pallet size.

3. Determine weight capacity – What is the maximum load you will place on each level of your pallet racking?

It may seem obvious to those who have been in the industry a while, but not all racking is created equal. You definitely don’t want to invest in something that won’t support the weight you need and puts your products, or even worse, employees in danger.

To ensure the safety and functionality of your pallet racking, it is crucial to calculate the weight capacity required. Evaluate the maximum load you will place on each level of the racking system. This consideration will help you select the appropriate beams and frames that can support the weight of your stored goods.

At Total Racking Systems we supply Colby Racking which is manufactured in Australia with Australian high-tensile steel. We use proprietary software that customises the racking configuration and ensures it meets the safety standards certifitying the structural integrity of your racking system.

4. Get expert advice

When ordering pallet racking, it is highly recommended to seek expert advice. Consult with professionals who specialise in storage solutions to gain insights into the most suitable racking system for your specific needs. Experts can provide valuable guidance on optimising space, increasing efficiency, and adhering to safety regulations.

Total Racking Systems has been supplying the best Pallet Racking systems for more than 40 years; we might ask questions that you never thought about asking.

We see many variations in the use and installation conditions, and the requirements of the Australian Standards, which along with the above points can have a big impact on the pallet racking best suited to your needs.

5. Find a reliable racking supplier in Australia

Once you have chosen the right type of racking for your needs, the next step is to find a supplier. There are plenty of companies in Australia that specialise in the supply of pallet racking, and you can easily find one by searching online for “pallet racking supplier” and your location. It’s also important to research the different companies to ensure that you are getting the best quality of material, customer service, and pricing.

Be sure to ask the supplier about any warranties or guarantees for the product that you have ordered. This will allow you to rest easy knowing that your pallet racking is protected in case of any issues.

6. Ready to order pallet racking

Once you have chosen a reputable pallet racking supplier, the next step is to place your order. Provide detailed information about the type of racking system you need, measurements, weight capacity, and any other specifications required. Clear communication will ensure that the supplier delivers the correct product, meeting your unique needs.

If you do not have the information that is required to order your pallet racking, please reach out to our expert staff who are happy to answer any question that you have: Call 1300 301144 or email If your in NSW, Australia we offer a free site consultation to assist you with this.

Free Site Consultation Offer (NSW):

If you are located in NSW, we offer a free site consultation service to assist you in the ordering process. Our team will visit your site, take measurements, discuss the best storage solutions, design layout options, and provide a comprehensive quote tailored to your requirements. This personalised service ensures that you make an informed decision regarding your pallet racking needs.


Ordering pallet racking in Australia doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these step-by-step guidelines, you can confidently choose the right pallet racking system for your business. Remember to work with a reputable supplier and, if you’re in NSW, take advantage of our free site consultation service to optimise your storage space and enhance efficiency. Invest in pallet racking to transform your warehouse or storage facility into a well-organised and productive space.

Next steps:

Ordering pallet racking with Total Racking Systems is simple:

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