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Stronger, Safer Storage: The Advantages of Colby Racking

Dive into the world of Colby Racking, a premier choice for warehouse storage solutions that promise unmatched strength, durability, and safety. Manufactured in Australia, Colby Racking ensures your storage needs are met with the highest quality, offering a lifetime warranty and superior protection against damage. Ideal for businesses aiming for efficiency and longevity in their storage systems.

In the fast-paced and competitive business landscape of Australia, making informed decisions about warehouse storage systems is crucial. With safety and return on investment (ROI) at stake, investing in a reliable racking solution becomes paramount. This is where Colby Racking comes into play. Manufactured in Sydney by Dematic, Colby Racking offers unmatched strength, durability, and safety features that make it the ideal choice for businesses seeking a long-lasting storage solution.

In this article, we will explore the numerous advantages that set Colby Racking apart from other storage systems. From maximising storage space to improving operational efficiency and ensuring the safety of stored items, Colby Racking has become a top choice for savvy business owners across Australia.

Colby racking Built to Last: Uncompromising Quality

ColbyRack is synonymous with quality, designed to exceed Australian and international standards using high-tensile Australian steel. With over 50 years of consistent product excellence, ColbyRack offers a lifetime warranty, assuring businesses of its lasting performance. The use of high-strength steel and intelligent section design ensures maximum upright strength while keeping costs at a minimum, even under challenging conditions. By choosing ColbyRack, businesses gain peace of mind knowing they have invested in the highest quality, most durable, and safest storage solution available on the market.

ColbyRack is renowned for its uncompromising quality, exceeding both Australian and international standards. This storage solution is constructed using high-strength Australian steel and intelligent section design, ensuring maximum upright strength and exceptional durability and longevity. With over 50 years of consistent product excellence, ColbyRack even offers a lifetime warranty, providing businesses with peace of mind knowing they have invested in the highest quality, most durable, and safest storage system available on the market.

Minimising Accidental Damage: Enhanced Safety

Cobra clip colby racking protection warehouse safety

In busy warehouses with high-volume distribution centres, forklift incidents and accidental damage to storage systems are common concerns. ColbyRack tackles this issue head-on with its patented heavy-duty UU-Beam design. This innovative approach significantly increases frontal impact resistance by over 200% while reducing costs. By virtually eliminating damage and reducing maintenance expenses, ColbyRack not only enhances safety for operators and staff but also ensures seamless warehouse operations.

Rear Upright Protection: Optimal Safety and Reduced Maintenance

pallet racking frame protection colby protect a rack

Damage to front uprights is relatively easy to identify, but it becomes challenging for rear uprights, especially when obstructed by pallets. ColbyRack addresses this challenge with its rear upright protectors. These protectors ensure that storage systems remain safeguarded during pallet placement in ground-level storage locations. This proactive approach optimizes safety and reduces ongoing rack maintenance costs. What’s more, the versatility of the Colby Protect-a-Rack system allows it to be fitted to any brand of racking, making it an effective solution for various setups.

Unrivalled Strength and Stability: Beam Connectors

UU Beam Colby Rack Protection Warehouse Safety

The performance and stability of any storage system heavily rely on the quality of its beam connectors. ColbyRack excels in this aspect with its custom-designed 4-tang beam connectors made from structural steel. These connectors meet rigorous safety standards and provide a stronger and more efficient interlock between uprights and beams. The unique diamond slot profile of ColbyRack minimises the potential for accidental dislodgment, ensuring the safety and stability of the storage system during pallet retrieval or storage.

Seamless Implementation and Ongoing Support

Investing in a new racking solution is a significant business decision. When you choose Total Racking Systems as your supplier of Colby Racking, you can count on a seamless implementation process and continuous support. This streamlined approach reduces time, cost, and risk, allowing your businesses to focus on your core operations. Additionally, with a faster roll-out and an efficient path to return on investment, Colby Racking becomes a smart and practical choice for businesses striving for long-term success. Total Racking Systems offers comprehensive services including quoting, storage system design and layout, supply, installation, and reliable aftermarket support, ensuring that your racking solution is optimised for your specific needs.


When it comes to upgrading your warehouse storage system, choosing the right racking solution is crucial. Colby Racking offers numerous advantages that set it apart, providing businesses with a stronger, safer, and more durable storage solution. Opting for locally made ColbyRack ensures not only excellent quality and durability but also the well-being of staff. With its proven track record of excellence, ColbyRack remains a reliable partner in storage, capable of withstanding the test of time and meeting the challenges of a dynamic business environment. Make the smart choice and invest in ColbyRack to upgrade your warehouse storage capabilities today.

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