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How to organise small parts efficiently so you don’t lose them ?

20 Dec, 2023
Unlock the secrets to efficient small parts organisation with our guide. From embracing the efficiency of small parts storage to streamlining inventory with Kanban systems, we cover the best practices to ensure you never lose those crucial components again. Perfect for any workspace looking to enhance productivity and safety.

In the fast-paced world of industry and manufacturing, where countless small components are the linchpins of operations, the need for efficient storage and accessibility cannot be overstated. Small parts storage bins – encompassing Plastic Parts Bins, Tech Bins, and Tech Trays – stand out as exceptional solutions for storing and streamlining processes and enhancing productivity.

Embracing the Efficiency of Small Parts Storage

Supplying a Range of Small Items for Production or Processes

In settings like manufacturing or assembly lines, the availability of a diverse range of small items is critical. Small parts storage bins ensure these essential components are systematically organized and always within reach. With clear visibility and easy identification, tech bins and tech trays reduce errors and delays, ensuring a smooth production flow.

Integrating Storage Space Efficiently

Efficient use of space is a cornerstone of productivity. These storage bins, varying in sizes and configurations, offer customizable solutions to fit any workspace. Wall-mounted options further enhance space utilization, freeing up valuable floor space for a more organized and accessible environment.

Streamlining Inventory with Kanban Systems

Small parts storage bins are ideal for implementing Kanban systems, a lean approach to inventory management. The two-bin system they facilitate provides a visual cue for replenishment, ensuring a continuous supply of components without the burden of excess inventory. This method keeps stock levels optimal and significantly cuts down on associated costs.

Different Types of Small Parts Storage Solutions:

  • Plastic Parts Bins: Offer durable and secure storage, ideal for a wide range of components. Their stackable design makes them perfect for industrial settings and warehouses.
  • Tech Bins: Designed for quick access with an open front, these bins are beneficial on assembly lines where time is of the essence.
  • Tech Trays: Specialized for organising sensitive components, these trays are lightweight and portable, ideal for tasks requiring mobility.

What are the differences between them?

Plastic bins, tech bins, and tech trays are all types of storage solutions used for organising and handling small parts and components in various settings like workshops, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. However, they have distinct features and are suited for different specific needs:

Plastic Parts Bins:

  • Material: Usually made from durable, sturdy plastic.
  • Design: Often feature solid walls and a closed design, which can include lids or covers.
  • Usage: Versatile and used for a broad range of storage purposes, from industrial supplies to household items.
  • Configuration: Available in various sizes and shapes; some have dividers for further organization.
  • Display: Commonly placed on shelves or racks; some models are stackable or can hang on louvre panels.
  • Use Cases: Ideal for general storage needs, such as holding hardware, tools, craft supplies, and other small items.

Tech Bins:

  • Material: Also made from durable plastic, sometimes reinforced for added strength.
  • Design: Characterized by an open-front design, allowing easy access to contents without the need to open a lid.
  • Usage: Designed more for industrial or technical settings where quick access to components is necessary.
  • Visibility: The open-front design makes it easy to see and pick out items, which is essential for efficiency in fast-paced environments.
  • Display: Often found on workbenches, shelves, or attached to louvre panels.
  • Use Cases: Commonly used in settings like assembly lines, workshops, or electronics manufacturing, where frequent access to a variety of small components is needed.

Tech Trays:

  • Material: Can be made from plastic, metal, or a combination, with some designed to protect against static electricity.
  • Design: Feature a flat, shallow layout with multiple compartments or dividers for organizing small, specific types of components.
  • Usage: Used for organizing and transporting delicate or sensitive components like electronic parts.
  • Portability: Often lightweight and designed for easy transportation between workstations.
  • Display: Best kept on shelves or in enclosed storage cabinets to protect contents.
  • Use Cases: Suited for environments like electronics repair shops, laboratories, or anywhere that small, sensitive components need to be transported or stored in an organized manner.

Each type of storage solution offers unique features catering to different workspace requirements. Plastic Parts Bins provide secure and protected storage, Tech Bins offer quick and easy access for frequent use, and Tech Trays are ideal for mobile tasks requiring the organisation of small components or tools. The choice depends on the specific nature of the work and the type of components or tools being stored and handled.

Real-World Benefits Backed by Data

The adoption of small parts bins and tech trays has proven to yield significant benefits:

  • Reduction in Inventory Costs: Implementing organized storage solutions can lead to a reduction in inventory costs by up to 20-30%.
  • Improvement in Productivity: Companies have reported productivity increases of up to 15-25% upon adopting efficient storage systems.
  • Decrease in Item Retrieval Time: A more organized setup can cut down item retrieval time by 35-50%.
  • Reduction in Space Utilization: Effective use of storage bins can save up to 10-15% in required storage space.
  • Improvement in Safety: Proper storage of small parts can reduce workplace accidents by up to 25%.

Conclusion: Revolutionise Your Operations with Small Parts Storage

Small parts storage bins are more than just containers; they are tools that transform your operations. They bring order, efficiency, and productivity to any workspace. By adopting these solutions, you not only optimize your processes but also create a safer, more streamlined environment. Embrace these practical storage solutions today and experience their transformative impact on your business.

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